Where to look for questions to employees communication surveys?

I’ve been often asked where to find questions to an internal communication audit – to surveys and focus groups or interviews. For sure not on the internet – I beg you not to do that. You may find really strange ideas there. With mistakes, unfortunately.

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How to boost internal communications in a company?

I often hear this question. And almost always I get this feeling people hope they’ll hear my deeply hidden magical solution on how to boost internal communications.

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How to implement an internal communication tool successfully

In many cases the reason why the implementation of an internal communication (IC) tool failed in a company and, consequently, the employees don’t want to use it, is caused by mistakes made at the beginning of the implementation process.

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Volkswagen in Poland focuses on the comms app for the employees

Volkswagen Poznań in Poland is the biggest employer in the region of Wielkopolska, where I live. The company employs  over 10,000 workers in four manufacturing plants. 70% of them are production workers.

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International IC and PR associations to follow

I’ve prepared a short list of international associations for you to follow. If you work in the internal communication field, consider adding these four organisations to your follow list on social media.

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