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Hi, I’m Maya from bee DIFFERENT – the internal communication agency which I founded in 2015 in Poland, where I live. Welcome to my blog about the internal communication (IC). This is my first official blog post in English here in w and I would like to explain a few things. First, let’s have a quick look at how it happened that I’m here today with you. 

5 years ago
On January 18, 2015 I started writing my blog Komunikacja wewnętrzna od kuchni (Behind the IC scenes) in Polish. A few months later I launched my internal communication business. The following years were very satisfying and full of interesting projects for the companies like, e.g. VW, Lidl, Bricomarche and also Gatehouse in the UK. I also had the opportunity to meet many IC professionals during our cooperation and my IC trainings. Since then I’ve published regularly one blog post every week (it gives 250 posts in 5 years!), which is time-consuming, but very interesting with my journalistic background and I must admit – I love doing it! Today, 5 years later I’ve decided to start something new. I’m not sure if adding one more project to my busy schedule is a smart and good idea, but let’s see what happens. I’m about to start my IC blog in English. So here I am with my Behind the IC scenes blog. Hello!

Polish perspective
While reading, please keep in your mind that my blog posts show my Polish perspective on the internal communication. Companies in Poland usually are at the stage of learning about how to cope with the IC. I often meet people who just start the IC journey in their companies. They’re usually responsible both for the internal communication and some other tasks, including HR, EB, PR or administration. In companies in Poland it’s not easy to find IC professionals responsible for the IC only. I also observe the development  of the IC abroad (mostly in the UK and the US) and see some differences between the Polish attitude to the IC and the ideas abroad on how to cope with this matter. Here, in Poland we still pursue these foreign ideas, what you may see while reading my blog.

For you
Despite that fact, I believe you will find many useful and inspiring ideas and tips on my blog, which will help you improve the IC in your company. I share my knowledge and experience openly and would like to invite you to do the same. If you want to write a blog post about the IC to share your knowledge or if you’re interested in telling me about your best internal communication project – don’t hesitate to contact me. I will be delighted to interview you.
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Hope to see you here regularly.

And now, please wish me luck with my new project – Behind the IC scenes blog has officially been launched. I’m about to start over from the beginning. Once again.    


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