How to organise an internal communication audit in a company

How to organise an internal communication audit in your company? Which steps should be taken and what you may achieve following them?

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Prepare an internal communication strategy in 4 steps

When you’re responsible for the internal communications in your company or would like to improve it, consider preparing the IC strategy. It’ll help you order your internal communications plans, ideas and tools.

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Where to look for questions to employees communication surveys?

I’ve been often asked where to find questions to an internal communication audit – to surveys and focus groups or interviews. For sure not on the internet – I beg you not to do that. You may find really strange ideas there. With mistakes, unfortunately.

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How to boost internal communications in a company?

I often hear this question. And almost always I get this feeling people hope they’ll hear my deeply hidden magical solution on how to boost internal communications.

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How to implement an internal communication tool successfully

In many cases the reason why the implementation of an internal communication (IC) tool failed in a company and, consequently, the employees don’t want to use it, is caused by mistakes made at the beginning of the implementation process.

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