Welcome to my IC space – start here

Hi, I’m Maya from bee DIFFERENT – the internal communication agency which I founded in 2015 in Poland, where I live. Welcome to my blog about the internal communication (IC). This is my first official blog post in English here in w and I would like to explain a few things.

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6 digital lessons from IntraTeam Event 2019 in Stockholm

In mid-November I was in Sweden to take part in the next edition of IntraTeam conference on intranets and digital workplaces. Earlier I’ve taken part in the edition of this event in Copenhagen twice and now I’ve visited Sweden for a change.

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5 Crucial Steps To Improve Your IC Strategy

Do you struggle to improve your internal communications and find it isn’t at the level you want or expect? You need to look at mistakes which may appear while planning various IC actions or building your communications strategy.

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10 digital lessons from IntraTeam Event 2018 in Copenhagen

I'd like to draw your attention to a few lessons from the presentations that I had the opportunity to see during IntraTeam Event 2018 in Copenhagen.

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How to create an award-winning intranet?

How to create an award-winning intranet? I talked about it to Jacqui Randle, Head of Intranet and Behaviour Change, Digital Communications at the Scottish Government. Jacqui and her team are responsible for transforming their intranet into a new digital workplace.

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