COVID-19 - resources for internal communication professionals

In the upcoming days professional communication associations are organising free webinars to help IC & PR practitioners deal with the COVID-19 crisis. There are also many articles about this topic.

I’ve chosen a few resources for you:
•    March 17: Webinar: Covid-19 webinar: Communicators, you can’t pour from an empty jug; Chartered Institute of PR, UK (register here)

•    March 18: Webinar: Coronavirus Internal Communication Advice; Institute of Internal Communication, UK (register here)

•  March 19: Webinar: Communicating [in] Crisis: 4 Proven Strategies to Communicate in Quarantine; IABC (register here)   

•  March 20: Webinar: Advice from the Experts: Internal Communications during COVID-19; Simpplr (register here)

•  All Things IC blog - Rachel Miller prepared many useful articles and a free crisis communication guide for IC practitioners to support them in the COVID-19 comm crisis

• Lise Michaud from IC Kollectif collected a number of resources and links in one article. The list is very long and you can find it here.

Thank you to all these good people who want to share their knowledge and experience in this difficult time.
Take care and stay at home if you can.


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