International IC and PR associations to follow

I’ve prepared a short list of international associations for you to follow. If you work in the internal communication field, consider adding these four organisations to your follow list on social media. They all publish valuable content for free and if you decide to join them, you’ll get extra access to more interesting resources. It’s a good way to boost your IC skills. I listed the associations I know and follow. I’m even a member of one of them.  

The Institute of Internal Communicaion (IoIC) – this British Institute is very popular among IC practitioners (not only in the UK) and offers its members access to many online resources (articles, reports, etc.), webinars, IC programmes and networking events.
Moreover, the IoIC organises conferences and trainings in the UK. I had the opportunity to take part in one of their trainings. As a member of this association you’ll get a discount for such events. The IoIC also provides a certification for IC professionals.

You may join it as a member or a fellow. There are also cheaper options with lower entry criteria. To become a member of this organisation, you need to fulfil some requirements. You won’t have any problems if you work in the IC. Membership is paid. The current president of the IoIC is Suzanne Peck, a managing director of Sequel Group, a recognised and awarded British IC agency. Suzanne is a practitioner with wide experience in communications.

I follow the IoIC on Twitter and can see that it’s very active. Check also the website of the Institute because many resources are available there for free. For more information visit the website: and Twitter: @IoICNews.

The Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) – it’s a British PR association and you’ll find here IC practitioners as well, including me. As a member you’ll get  access to many online resources,  networking, mentoring, reports published by the CIPR, discounts for conferences and trainings. This organisation also offers certificates for IC practitioners to confirm their professional skills.
I follow it on Twitter and it’s very active with many possibilities to increase your skills. It was one of the reasons I decided to join it. This membership was also recommended by a friend of mine, who has been a member for years now. You may join the CIPR as a member, a fellow or an affiliate. There are also joining criteria to fulfil and a fee for your annual membership. The president of the CIPR is Jenni Field, a well-known IC expert, who is also a CEO of her Redefining Communications agency.

Visit the CIPR’s website to check free online resources and details about membership: And follow the CIPR on Twitter: @CIPR_UK.

The International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) – it’s another international association for all communicators to follow. Like the abovementioned organisations, the IABC offers  networking, trainings, conferences, webinars and certificates. The HQ is in San Francisco with many branches around the world (look for the one near your place). To become a member of the IABC you need to pay a fee.
The chair of the IABC is Victoria Dew, a founder and CEO of Dewpoint Communications.
For details go here: Check their Twitter: @IABC.

The Institute for Public Relations (IPR) – this international foundation has its HQ at the University of Florida. It associates PR practitioners for whom it organises webinars and conferences. The IPR also conducts research, publishes a free newsletter with PR knowledge. There is no option for  membership, but check the website to sign up for the newsletter and check online resources.
The President and CEO of the IPR is Dr. Tina McCorkindale.
To read more, visit the website: and Twitter: @InstituteForPR.

Other associations for IC practitioners
If you know any other internal communication organisations which offer interesting activities and resources, let me know. I’ll add them to this list.  


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