Volkswagen in Poland focuses on the comms app for the employees

Volkswagen Poznań in Poland is the biggest employer in the region of Wielkopolska, where I live. The company employs  over 10,000 workers in four manufacturing plants. 70% of them are production workers.

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International IC and PR associations to follow

I’ve prepared a short list of international associations for you to follow. If you work in the internal communication field, consider adding these four organisations to your follow list on social media.

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An organisational chart on the intranet – interesting solutions

Having an up-to-date organisational chart on the intranet is a must. And I don’t mean here a chart listing all the employees in a structure of the company (e.g.

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What to do when employees don’t want to prepare articles to an internal newspaper or an intranet?

I’ve often heard at my IC trainings and cooperating with you that your employees don’t want to prepare the content to an intranet, an internal newspaper or internal social media. What can we do to encourage them? My today’s post brings a few tips.   

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5 essential tools for internal communication professionals

All occupations have their own tools. The same is with us – internal communication professionals. These tools help us organise our work better and plan our actions more efficiently. If we want the IC in our company to get to the next level, we need to start using them immediately.

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