Your checklist for organising town hall meetings – part 1

Maybe it’s a routine task for you to organise a board meeting with all the employees and you find it easy. For me this kind of meetings is one of the most difficult among all internal communications tools.

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A huge mistake in internal communication – saying only once

When you read an interesting article or new words while learning a foreign language, are you able to remember this content at once and keep it in your mind for months? It happens very rarely.

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Why you should publish results of an IC audit

It should be obvious and simple – we organise an internal communication audit in our company in which we ask the employees about their opinions, so after developing the results we present the results to the participants. Unfortunately, it’s not so obvious for some companies.

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An invitation to IntraTeam Event Copenhagen 2020 – The European DEX Conference

The new edition of IntraTeam Event Copenhagen 2020 – The European DEX Conference is coming. I’ve taken part in this event a few times in Copenhagen and Stockholm.

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How to become an Internal Communications Consultant?

I’ve been often  asked during breaks at my trainings or in private messages about tips on how to become an Internal Communications Consultant or a freelancer. I haven’t thought this topic may be interested for you, but if such questions appeared, I‘m going to share with you my story.

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